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Remember: Furnaces and air conditioners have many complex parts and safeties.

Our first priority is the safety of you and your family. If the fixes below don’t solve your problems, our experienced service techs are just a quick call away.

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Troubleshooting Furnaces

Q: Help! My furnace keeps turning on and off after a few minutes “short cycling”.

A: First, check your filter; if you notice it’s dirty, change it out for a brand-new one.

If changing out the furnace filter doesn’t solve the problem, and you’re still experiencing short cycling even with the new filter in place, you may have a dirty flame sensor… and that’s a fix to leave to the pros. Give us a call, and we’ll send one of our licensed techs over to clean things up.

(We can also help you set up a low-hassle maintenance plan to ensure your furnace is always in tip-top shape!)

Q: It’s cold outside, but even colder INSIDE… my furnace isn’t turning on at all!

A: Start by checking the power to your furnace. (We know, we know… but we’ve got to start with the easy fixes, right?)

Make sure no circuit breakers are tripped, then double-check your furnace’s power button to confirm it’s in the “on” position. You can also “reset” your furnace by locating its power button and turning it to “off” for a few seconds before turning it back on.

If both of those areas check out, you may have an issue with your home’s thermostat. If the thermostat is battery-powered, try putting in a fresh set of batteries.

If the furnace still isn’t turning on after trying all of the above, it’s time to give your friends at Mister B’s a call. We’ll have you up and running again in no time!

Troubleshooting Air Conditioners

Q: I just noticed some ice build-up on the insulated line to my air conditioner. What do I do?

A: How’s your air conditioner filter looking? Have you changed it recently? Take a peek, and if the filter looks dirty, replace it with new one. In the meantime, shut off your air conditioner and give the line some time to thaw; this could take up to 24 hours, so keep some fans handy!

After the 24 hours is up, and with the new filter in place, go ahead and turn the air conditioner back on. If the line freezes up again, it could indicate a larger problem within the system. Good thing you’ve got Mister B’s on speed dial; we’ll head right over and check it out!

Q: My central air conditioning won’t turn on at all!

A: Let’s start with your circuit breaker. Are any breakers tripped? If not, move on to checking your outside disconnect box; it’s usually grey, and located outside near the air conditioning unit. Open it up and check to ensure the switch inside is flipped to “on.”

If neither of those quick tricks pans out, you may have an issue with your thermostat. If it’s battery-powered, try putting in a fresh set of batteries. (Sometimes, that’s all it takes!) And if neither of those options work, get in touch and we’ll come take a look!