Mister B's HVAC / Maintenance

Maximize the lifespan of your furnace and A/C!

Routine maintenance makes the difference between a furnace or A/C that lasts its full life span (up to 20 years for a furnace, 15 for an A/C) versus loses years of service because of dirty filters or worn-out parts.

We’ll make sure that won’t happen to you! 

It can be tricky to perform routine furnace and A/C maintenance on your own. In some cases, like cleaning the flame sensor, you can actually do more harm than good by attempting to do it yourself. Our techs know exactly what to look for on a variety of system makes and models, and they’re trained to spot potential problems before they have a chance to do damage.

With a yearly maintenance plan, you’ll get twice-yearly visits from one of our trained techs to change your filter, check for damage/wear, and also:

  • Clean the flame sensor
  • Check gas pressure
  • Ensure your system is operating safely and efficiently

Which plan best suits your needs?